Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some Links Worth Clicking

I thought I would post a few interesting links today on various related subjects.

Its often a challenge finding good produce. Either its waxed and sprayed to the point that it looks almost plastic, or else it wilts and rots by the time you get it out to your car. For those of you who would like truly fresh food and want to support local producers, check out Local Harvest. Its a great directory of farmers markets and family farms, and stores, co-ops and eateries that buy from them.

In 1998, prescription drugs killed 106,000 Americans and the number of deaths has been growing alarmingly since then. Here's a handy site where you can quickly and easily identify many prescription medications by shape, color or marking: From there you can read about the purpose of the drig, appropriate indications, side-effects and drug interaction cautions. If you must take prescription medication, be a smart consumer. Your life may depend on it.

Finally, lest we forget, our home-based network marketing ventures are real entrepreneurial ventures. And we need to treat them that way. Here is a link to a library of guides and articles from the Harvard Business School that will be of interest to entrepreneurs like you: .

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