Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Some Good Advice from the Sales Training Experts

In the corporate world, Miller-Heiman is among a very few companies that represent the gold standard of sales training. They bill themselves as "the sales performance company", but they aren't about closing tricks, manipulation or plaid jackets. The Miller-Heiman approach to selling is all about building solid, long-term relationships based on mutual win-win transactions. And while their system targets larger companies who face complex sales and long selling cycles, their advice holds much of direct benefit to us in the network marketing world. Their classic book on the dynamics of effective sales meetings, "The New Conceptual Selling", belongs on every network marketer's bookshelf.

Sooner or later, everyone in network marketing joins the NFL (No Friends Left) Society. That's when we realize that, just like the big boys, prospecting is a critical (perhaps the critical) component of our long term success. Unless we can identify and locate people who will benefit from our product or service and, equally important, who may be interested in it, all our enthusiasm and great information and amazing products will never produce a sale. So if you intend to become a student of effective prospecting (and you better), here is an interesting perspective from the folks at Miller Heiman. Something they call "Working Backwards". While you are there, go ahead and subscribe to their eNewsletter. It rarely arrives without at least one good, actionable idea.

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