Friday, November 15, 2013

Lost Jobs "Not Coming Back"

"These jobs are going, boys. And they ain't coming back." - Bruce Springsteen, My Hometown

One of the things I hear a lot when out talking to people about my network marketing opportunity is that its just "too risky" to work on what amounts to a 100% commission basis. But more and more its starting to look like the real risk lies in traditional "time for dollars" employment. In fact, "having a job" has been the norm in America only for the last 60 years or so. In 1900, about 90% of the US workforce (including farmers and agricultural workers) were self-employed, held multiple part time jobs, or was a mix of the two. By 2010 that had fallen to nearly 10%. As this Morning Edition report on NPR illustrates, perhaps the pendulum is beginning to swing back.

More and more people competing for fewer and fewer full time jobs paying less and less money with fewer and fewer benefits is not a recipe for worker prosperity. For network marketers, the future has never look brighter.

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