Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Good Network Marketer is Always Learning

Those of you who follow my posts here for the health and nutrition information, please excuse me a moment while I speak to the rest of you who are starting or building a network marketing business.

I am a pilot and we have a well worn saying that goes "A good pilot is always learning". I've found this to be totally true, but it is just as true in your network marketing business. Certainly take full advantage of your company's training programs. But if you limit yourself to them you are definitely limiting your growth.

Eric Worre ( and Ray Higdon ( are two outstanding trainers and advocates that you should be a fan of.

Take a look at this short, free and outstanding video about value, contribution and attitude from Ray Higdon.

Then go to their websites and get on their distribution lists.

(NB: I am not a marketing affiliate or financially connected to either of these outstanding people, just a really big fan.)

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