Wednesday, October 5, 2016

You Can't Make this Stuff Up

"Texan Monica Riley, age 27 and weighing 700 pounds, is the most recent "super-sizes" woman to claim happiness in exhibiting herself semi-nude for "fans" (she clams 20,000) who watch online as morbidly obese people eat. She told the celebrity news site Barcroft Media in September that her 8,000 calories a day puts her on track to weight 1,000 pounds soon, and that her loving boyfriend, Sid, 25 and a "feeder" is turned on by helping her. Sid, for instance, feeds Monica her special 3,500 calorie "shake" - through a funnel - and supposedly will eagerly become her caretaker when she eats herself into total immobility."  - republished in the Colorado Springs Senior Beacon from SSBBW Magazine.

And, we can assume, when she is dying from this self-abuse, she will claim it is societies duty to pay for her care? Honestly, this just leaves me blogless.

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